Faridia Health Screening was set up to provide consumers with an affordable option of private health screening without compromising high standards of quality or clinical competence.

The company prides itself on building a personal relationship with patients and ensuring the highest levels of care and detail are met. Our private health screenings help to identify up to 40 key markers of health and provide advice to encourage and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

What makes us different is that all of our tests and reviews are undertaken by highly trained Clinical Practitioners without the associated high costs. Results are instant and patients are given a health pack that contains a copy of their results, advisories and informative literature. In the event where follow up action is required patients will be given a letter with relevant information and advisories to share with their GP.

One to One

Highly trained Practitioners measure up to 40 different markers of health

Get instant

No waiting around, they’re instantaneous. Your health report includes your results and necessary advisories that you can show your GP

Promotes healthy
lifestyle changes

With the help and guidence given, change dietary and lifestyle choices for the better